Wednesday 16 January 2013


If ever it was a good opportunity to pay a visit to the Burberry store to get that timeless trench in the classic Khaki, now is the time. They are having a massive sale with discounts up to 70%, yes that is true..... Being so timeless, it would not be a bad investment splurging on that little coat now. The jacket below is just an example of things awaiting you in store.

I like to call this particular jacket the "3 in one", as it addresses numerous style trends at once, including the peplum, shearling, and military style, all in one jacket! Although I like to pick up bargains, and often hunt for timeless items at chain stores, I canvass the idea that you should acquire a  few essential and classic items digging a little deeper, and then work it out to "cost per wear". Doing it that way, my Burberry trench has paid for itself, fashion sense perhaps? These little splurges actually become your collectables........


  1. Love the Jacket , really great choice !
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog dear Nicolene , pleasure having you as a reader !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog

  2. I'm dying to one day add that trench to my closet....I love it!