Friday 11 January 2013


They say we become our mothers, but I have never given any thought that I might be dressing like my mother. However, whenever my mom buys me a gift, it is exactly what I would have chosen....
It was pure co-incidence on a recent vacation that my mom and I wore exactly the same colour scheme, without the one knowing what the other was wearing. We met in the hotel lobby for an excursion that required comfort and cool clothes in the tropical heat, and found ourselves both wearing Khaki and White..... so mommy bloggers, careful what you wear, it rubs off on your daughters.......
I'm wearing Daniel  Hechter skirt, Cotton Top from LTD, Burberry Belt and Raybans, Pierre Cardin loafers, not seen in photograph


  1. Hey! You have a new follower:) Love for you to stop by and check out my blog.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, will be doing likewise,love your blog!

  3. Aww, you and your Mom look adorable! My Mom and I have similar styles but her's is much more routine than mine. My Mom actually hates to shop! I know, I sometimes wonder how we are related! :) I actually get my shopping gene from my Dad.

    xo Jenny

  4. Lovely photograph! :) Love the burberry belt. xxx