Friday 4 January 2013



Hotlist by fiftyfabulous featuring capes and totes, created in Polyvore
Oh what fun to start the year with a Polyvore competition on Winter Style! It took some careful consideration as I am still in the mood for summer clothes, having spent 2 weeks of bliss in island style, and with our winter being months away, I could hardly imagine putting together a winter outfit. However, winter is my favourite season for dressing up, and putting outfits together in Polyvore, is like having the whole world's wardrobe, and who would not be able to assemble something everybody wants?

I have a distinct feeling that the next season is going  be seeing a lot of polka dots and capes.... and in spite of some of us forecasting the death of leopard print, as long as  big cats lurk around the African bush, it will be on trend...... perhaps with a slight migration towards tiger or zebra print...... 

Celine's Boston Tote must be the "IT" bag of all seasons, or am I little bias by Santa's generosity this year?


  1. Such a gorgeous outfit! I do hope cape coats are big because I have one on my wish list. Wow, you must have been a REALLY good girl this year to get such an amazing gift from Santa! :)

    xo Jenny

  2. Gorgeous bag! Santa WAS good to you!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!