Sunday 4 May 2014


Why is it you think we so love the luxurious feel of silk and Cashmere? Perhaps because the feel of Cashmere on our skin is not only silky soft, but it can be worn without having to kill the animals. The Cashmere goat is dual purpose and was discovered in Persia in the 14th century by one Ali El Hamdani. Imagine the cheese one could enjoy form it's milk! What a delight that we do not have to kill these sweet little things to be able to sport their pelts! My goaty coat is a Cashmere and Silk blend from the British label, Precis, and a work of art in my collection-indeed a collectors piece. It takes a special kind of dry cleaner to maintain it's beauty, and one has to be careful where you drop your coat to have it cleaned! It's one of the most versatile items to have in your wardrobe and should be stored with care to protect it from the invasive pincers of moths! I am told that Sunlight soap deters these monstrosities and keep them at bay, so if you have any delicates made of any kind of wool, grate a bar of Sunlight soap and scatter it generously in your closet. A Winter White coat is my "go to" item this season, reviving the classics once more...... How do you wear Winter White and what do you to preserve it from season to season without it being devoured by moths?

Cashmere Silk Blend Coat -  Precis
Bodycon Dress-  Truworths Collection
Shoes - Valentino 
Handbag - Fendi
Sunglasses - Dior 


  1. That coat is beautiful, as is the rest of your outfit. You look classically stylish!

  2. Fabulous look! Your coat is gorgeous and so your lace dress. I love when you let your hair down. You look so beautiful.

  3. Oooh, I love this look! Simple, elegant, and sophisticated! I really love winter white, and one day I'd love an all winter white outfit. Yes, your coat is beautiful, but the dress is knock out gorgeous!

  4. Fantastic look, i love your dress and perfect coat! Kisses dear.

  5. This is top! Classy! The best outfit, so luxurious. I love it.
    You look stunning, gorgeous and very sexy!

  6. Hello,Ciao, nice photos and your outfit is a work of art !

  7. You look ever so marvellous, love this dress xx

  8. So luxurious!

    Thank you for your lovely comment! Please, vote for me here? It'd mean so much to me!

    Thank you!

    - Hannah's Heels

  9. You look so sophisticated in these natural shades!!!
    I love every detail of your outfit!!!
    Kisses darling!!!

  10. That's it.. I need to take out my white lace dress soon! Stunning, my dear!

  11. Very elegant look! The coat is gorgeous and I seriously love your dress. I looks like a lace dress.
    What a stunning seaview!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  12. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful,stylish and chic, my dear friend

  13. You're looking FABULOUS and I especially felt in love with your shift dress and the amazing coat! - Kisses from Vienna,


  14. I'm almost embarrassed how much I adore these pieces together. This may well be among the most beautiful outfits I've ever seen. That's saying a lot, with no exaggeration. I know you must think I'm a terrible flatterer, but I swear I'm completely entranced.
    You're a film star. You must be. Can I have your autograph?

  15. Hello, found you through many sites, I am part of the over 40 crowd. Love the yellow jacket with the black patterned skirt, and adore this off white patterned dress! Stunning!! Also found through Style Elixer

    Please stop by


  16. Again a very beautiful and feminine outfit. A bit expensive for my wallet, but if I had it, I would not mind spending it on these items. I love the coat and have been eyeing the shoes for some time now (especially in red). Cashmere and silk... sigh.