Friday 23 May 2014


When my longstanding friend Juliana and I set off on an excursion to lake Como, we were dressed to be comfortable. Dressing for holidays should be effortless with fashion following form, and not the other way around! However, when meandering the alleys of the Italian villages , you come to realise just how chic and stylish these women are, even when they are dressed for comfort. Trotting in high heels on cobblestones is not for the faint hearted, and if you dare to do so, you will soon find yourself hovering over a bench praying for comfortable shoes. That would be the ultimate opportunity to validate shoe shopping, but if you do not wish to spend the rest of your holiday on crutches, it's advisable to pack flat shoes with comfortable inner soles, allowing you to move about easily. The best travel advice my mother has ever given me, is to travel with a light parka. I also heed to Juliana's advice to travel with a pashmina or scarf that provides you with an instant head cover, especially handy when you enter cathedrals and other religious places of worship. My survival kit contains a pair of flat ballerina pumps that folds up to the size of a wallet, and off course, the ever so useful scarf. My light parka is actually weatherproof and provides cover against sudden summer showers, and not a burden to carry is it takes up very little space. My favourite travel bag is a back pack from MCM, big enough to hold it all, and very handy for cameras and  lenses. It has very comfortable shoulder straps pulling your shoulders back preventing you from slumping under the weight  of  a shoulder bag or tote not allowing even distribution of weight. Bon voyage! A small cross body bag that holds your valuables, will become invaluable when travelling!
 Parka - Bershka
Pants - H & M
Shoes - Camieu


  1. Looks like a really wonderful time out :)) I hope you have a great weekend doll xx

  2. Ooh, so envious! You look fabulous, as does the scenery. Am hoping to visit Lake Como soon.

  3. That area is so beautiful, I love it. Unfortunately quite pricey too...
    I always travel with a pashmina shawl, they are also convenient with a/c on flights. And I need to get a pair of these ballet flats to put in my handbag!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. Beautiful pictures! I have always comfortable shoes in the car or flats in my bag. On excursions the most important.. comfortable shoes! And an outfit without freezing all the time! :)


  5. Such fabulous images. Is that Mr Clooney's villa in your photo?

  6. You look incredibly stylish. I really would like to visit there one day. It looks beautiful.

  7. Hello,Ciao...what a Stylish,Elegant,Stunning Girls !

  8. You may have let fashion taken second place to comfort (I so agree when you are on holiday), but the two of you still look very elegant.