Wednesday 7 May 2014


The colour of my mood takes me to something bright and cheerful today, exuding energy and motivation to celebrate life, hence my repetitive behaviour to revert back to the beauty and sensation of Citron colours. It's a slight departure from the heavy weights of winter, and not to mention, the colour of my profession..... allowing me some fun as it creates a huge reaction with a unpredictable element of surprise, since career girls are not expected to look funky or colourful! But somehow the luminosity of this colour breaks the barrier and allows me to set myself free from the stark rigidity of a Black power suit and perception that female solicitors should only be wearing serious outfits. It's a great feeling of relief slipping into bright colours if you've spent a few days in court arguing, debating and deliberating in colours not conducive to a creative world. I've seen Citron Green come and go over the past few years, and all of  a sudden, popping up again, hard to miss I'd say. My ground rule for wearing bright colours and loud print, is to keep jewellery and accessories to a minimum. 

Who said lawyers cannot sport fashionable clothes?

Jacket - Matthew Williamson, for Debenhams
Skirt - Belle Epoque
Suede Boots - Salvatore Ferragamo
Oversized Clutch bag - Zara
Mirror Sunglasses - Rayban
Leather gloves - Woolworths


  1. You look marvellous, best looking lawyer ever, love the yellow :))) xx

  2. Whom ever said that was a fool. You're proof. Head-to-toe fabulous!

  3. We sure all have some formed pictures in our minds of the way certain professions look like... librarians, teachers, journalists, bankers, lawyers... each of them have their own vibe. You definitely look nothing like a "typical lawyer", if there is such a thing, Nicolene! Stylish, gorgeous woman - for any type of career! xo

  4. Goodmorning Nicolene,great post and you're right! This outfit is a gorgeous example of your Style...creative,unique,Fabolous're a Goddess of Beauty and Style!

  5. Hi,
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  6. I'm dying for your skirt. So beautiful. This is when I wish I were tall enough to really show off pieces like you do. So gorgeously styled. So smart a transitional look. Just ... just ... DELICIOUS!

  7. Wonderful! I love how you've matched your clutch to your jacket.

  8. You Look too good for words, my dear friend
    We will be Share-in-Style tomorrow. Please join us.

  9. This is one of my favourite combinations: black & white with bright yellow. I say YEAH to this outfit. And sure, lawyers can wear this. LOL