Tuesday 15 July 2014


The internationally acclaimed documentary, ADVANCED STYLE, will premiere at Fashion Week in Cape Town on Friday the 25th July at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. It chronicles the style of mature women aged between 62 and 95, providing living proof of the fact that life does not stop at retirement. These women are remarkably stylish, chic and glamorous,  and all present the spirit of mature style.  They exude glamour, sometimes even leaning towards being theatrical in their way of dressing, but they sure succeed in conveying the message.

Ari Seth Cohen, the brainchild of the blog, gave life to the idea  four years ago when he started capturing these remarkably well dressed women through the eyes of his lens, presenting the world with something that is seen to be reserved to the younger generation. It's a taboo breaking film and it's unusual actresses all make a firm indent in the fashion world, stirring up convention, creating a following at a stage in their lives when most women hang out to dry. It portraits the epitome of style, each with  a unique take on what glamour represents. As one of them rightly said during the film's preview on Youtube, the ones stepping out to the red carpet events do not always know what glamour amounts to, glamour is something that can  be felt and experienced everyday, and not only when you step into a Haute Couture gown. Lounging around in  ripped jeans and flip flops does not define style. Temporary style like Cinderella's do not portrait the glamour that can be found in these jaw dropping outfits created by these phenomenal women. Wearing the glass slippers for one night, do not earn you  the accolades........

Tickets can be booked  for the bumper packed  event hosting the team of Advanced Style during which discussions may be held with Ari and his girls, the creator of this uber chic concept, followed by a cheese and wine reception and premier screening of the film. It  also includes the Next Generation fashion show presented by AFI. 

Go to www.webtickets .co.za/events/fashion-shows/mbfwct-2014 for your reservation!

Moral of the story is, there is no age restriction to glamour!
Take a look at a few of the photographs extracted from Ari's collection:



  1. Wow, how amazing! I see some.hope that I don't need to stop :-)

    Thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. So marvellous, I love these ladies :) xx