Wednesday 9 July 2014


With a particularly harsh winter and continuous rain, it's hard to get an opportunity to snap a few pictures for style posts outdoors. When the sun shone for a brief while, I grabbed the opportunity to take up my position for a few snapshots of colour. Winter is somehow associated with deep and dark colours, but a flash of colour somehow alleviates the impact of cold weather. It's fun to always ad an unexpected element to your style, making it your own, and paving the way for followers who take inspiration from others. Besides, it ads a little energy to winter, announcing that summer will be back soon....I barely settled into position when the packing clouds burst down in rain again, causing me to run for cover. With that said, I am imprisoned indoors, planning some more energetic colour schemes....and maybe celebrating summer in a far away place.....No wonder in Indian tradition, Holy festival of colour is held by painting the town Red to celebrate spring! Now let's find the map, India is after all on my bucket list.......

Coat- Zara
Turtle Neck - Woolworths
Printed Pants - H & M
Shoes - Flexisole


  1. You look wonderful, love those trousers, so gorgeous xx

  2. Very nice outfit! I am enjoying summer holiday in Turkey. It is hard to believe you have winter :-) and cold weather.

  3. I love your pants so much!!

  4. You look majestic indeed, dear friend