Sunday 6 July 2014


Although we do not always identify the object of our inspiration on a conscious level, most choices are made having regard to subconscious influences. I take great inspiration in movies, particularly the older classics in which costume dress feature strongly.There can be no denying that my love for the Great Gatsby inspires my fondness for two tone shoes. Dianne Keaton is probably the pioneer of the dandy look, perhaps also encouraged by the elegance of the Gatsby era. Coco Chanel however paved the way for women to challenge convention by introducing the boyish loo, making it feminine in spite of being a little androgynous. 

My quest to find a pair of high rise Brogues in Black & White took me far and wide, but came to an abrupt end when I took to on line shopping and googled my way through the world's clothing stores. This was one of the most timeless finds ever acquired and in line with my style motto to concentrate on classic pieces that lasts longer than the season. They seem to be quite a show stopper, getting a lot of admiration as I go along.  If this era's elegance appeals to you, invest in a pair of multicolour Brogues and ad a little fun to your look. Don't be surprised by a stranger asking you about them....They seem to be quite versatile as you can dress them up or down.They work remarkably well with the 50's style tailored fitted suits with the pencil skirt ending mid calf and the jacket tucked at the waist, accentuating the hourglass figure.  I just saw a Yellow pair, but don't quite think they're going to be as gorgeous, perhaps funky. So how do you style the dandy look?

Jacket - Truworths Limited
Palazzo Pants - Studio W at Woolworths
Shoes - New Look
Turtle Neck - Truworths
Handbag - Celine Boston Tote
Sunglasses - Vintage Miu Miu
Neck piece - Zara 
Belt - Hermes


  1. I adore this look, especially the two-tone shoes and handbag. Thanks for the inspiration. ~ Susan

  2. Fabulous shoes! Those sunglasses are show-stoppers too. Great way to channel your inner Dandy!

  3. Very chic dear, cute bag and shoess!

  4. What a superior look...Your charme,Your elegance,Your fabolous taste in wearing is great!