Saturday 23 April 2016


I can not imagine attending something more inspirational than Jackie Burger's soirees.With the Pierre Olivier Art Centre as a backdrop, it's as if real life becomes a theatrical display. The theme for her 5th soiree was Awaken Winter, beautifully curated with installation fashion, scrumptious food, motivational talks, and ending with a styling session and very captivating dance performance by a revered artist.  The morning started off with a discussion about the here and now, with the emphasis on doing and making as opposed to done and made. 

With Jackie at the helm of things, we all left in awe, and with a  clear message of rethinking our methods, obviously also wanting to remodel our wardrobes. A few models were challenged to style jackets and coats including the likes of Kluk CGDT, H&M, Adriaan Kuiters, all creating their signature and unique looks with a short fashion show. 

I wore block heels, a printed shirt, jeans and a coat from H & M's recently launched Conscious Exclusive Collection, made from recycled clothing and yarns, only to find the beautiful Bonnie Mbuli sporting the same piece with a pair of heels that turned heads. Now feast your eyes in the splendour of what announced the arrival of winter, in true style. 

Coat - H&M Conscious Exclusive
Jeans - Gucci
Crossbody satchel - Gucci
Shoes- Charles & Keith
Top - Anne Klein

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