Wednesday 27 April 2016


The return of the palazzo pant is something that I am truly relieved about. It makes me feel confident and leaves  me with more than enough space to breath and to move about with comfort. It's a  trend that can be easily adjusted to suit different body types, and elongates the legs when you wear it with a high heel. With this pair from Witchery, available at the stand alone store in the V&A Cape Town,  being very long, I could not wear anything else but stratospherically high heels, adding a handsome 11 cm to my 1,78 metre frame, rendering my look rather statuesque. With a little luck, I found these ultra comfortable shoes being marked down to a very irresistible price  in Milan at an Outlet store, stretching the value of the poor South African currency a little further. Palazzo pants are most versatile, and can just as easily be dressed down with a pair of loafers and a denim jacket, sporting a more casual look. Share your view on this phenomenon and let us see how you style them! 

Palazzo Pants - Witchery
Coat - Custom Made
Shoes - Old
Hat - Department Store
Bag - Robinsons
Scarf - Woolworths

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