Monday 11 April 2016


Let me introduce you to someone you may already know, but let me also show you a side to them, which perhaps you didn't know. H & M is no newcomer to the fashion scene, and with stores across the world, they make a considerable contribution towards the fashion movement, retailing across the world. They supply a broad selection of garments affordable to all, and a more exclusive collection known as "studio", not to even mention "conscious exclusive". When they refer to "sustainable" fashion, they mean big business. Last week saw them launch the "conscious exclusive collection" in selected stores around the globe. Inspired from the Artwork in the Louvre, Paris, France,  their design team studied the  masters for about a year, and then  came up with prints of ethereal beauty, and a collection inspired by the likes of Boticelli. I was left in awe, and a little confused about what to buy and what not. The collection is so stunning, that I could easily have succumbed to it all, but promoting the concept of sustainable fashion myself, and not always being able to contain my obsessive compulsion to surrender to all things gorgeous, I had to exercise a considerable amount of  self control. I popped in to the flagship store in the Victoria and Alfred Mall on Saturday evening, (yes stores are open until 21h00) only to find two dresses that were both irresistible, quite befitting for a queen. I decided to sleep over it, and by the time I returned the next morning, one was gone. Sadly, I left with just one, but after having already indulged in a number of other items the day before, quickly recovered. Here is a sneak peak of what is in store. I will be styling these items in different outfits soon, so watch this space for more excitement, and off course, environmentally friendly fashion!

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