Monday 13 August 2012


There are two things that inspired my decision to unpack the animal print items from this winter's hype. First and foremost, the adorable little face of a 4 month old Cheetah cub that I had the honour of cuddling all weekend at a game lodge where we spent the long weekend, caused me to continue this theme for one more season. He was one of four cubs born from a hand reared Cheetah, who was released into the wilderness soon after adulthood, where she subsequently gave birth to 4 beautiful babies. Two of them were removed to increase their chances of survival, and the cute little face in the picture, was one of the two now being hand reared, and hopefully released again later. The 2nd source of encouragement, were a "drop dead gorgeous" pair of shoes that I ogled on a website on street styles, depicting a pair of high heels in leopard print with subdued colours in a pale winter white.

I promptly opened the trunk of last season's "stashed away" pile, and unveiled the animal print items as if it was the first introduction to my collection of safari style clothes. I had very little opportunity to flaunt any high heels, silk and chiffon in leopard print during our weekend away in the bush, as the temperatures dropped to about 9 degrees and barely permitted the bush fashionista to wear anything else than a woollen scarf (leopard print of course!) and a turtle neck in earth tones with jeans (boyfriend style like the ones in the post below) and a stunning pair of boots bought from Prune in Buenos Aires, trimmed in leopard print, off course!

Needless to say, this cute little face inspired me to unpack my wardrobe and re-introduce the animal print for another season, not because trendsetters dictate accordingly, but because it continues to be an exciting print to combine with bright colours, as I will, no doubt do this spring, and in honour of this noble cat!

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