Monday 27 August 2012


It should not come as a surprise to fashion lovers and stylish women that the sought after UK store, Top Shop, part of the Arcadia group that also includes Dorothy Perkins and Evans, is coming to South Africa at last! The first store will be located in the elegant Sandton City complex, which is the perfect setting for a girls day out with a multitude of fashion stores, restaurants and an abundance of beauty facilities, a fashion emporium no doubt!
That means I no longer have to spend so much time in store shopping the flagship store in Oxford street, perhaps allowing me time to actually get to see the rest of the UK next time! Don't despair if the anticipation is killing you, in the meanwhile, you can shop on line, with one click you can fire away and have it delivered to your door. Save up girls, Top Shop has something for all, perhaps more than likely all you want!

Who would not want to support a store with this policy?

‘to produce fashionable products in an ethical way and demonstrate a responsible attitude towards people and the environment’.

I spotted these beautiful printed pants and bomber jacket on line, perhaps a good time to stock up your summer wardrobe. Happy shopping!
You like? Get it online.  


  1. Ohhh I'm obsessed!;)

  2. First Zara, now Topshop! Awesome!!! Your wallet will definitely feel their presence!

    xo Jenny

  3. Great pants1

    xo Jennifer

  4. Just found this blog - love it! Just started following you!