Wednesday 1 August 2012

Zara coming to Cape Town!

Zara coming to Cape Town!

After many months of speculation it has finally been disclosed that the much loved Spanish brand, Zara, is in fact coming to Cape Town. The exact location and intended opening has not been revealed though, keeping us in further suspense! It is however suspected that the first Cape Town store will be located at the V & A Waterfront. With their lips sealed, and all staff members sworn to secrecy, obviously adding to the hype, I could not distract much more from the marketing team. 

The brand established itself firmly in the stylish yet affordable clothing market, being very sought after by most fashionistas! I have heard the news straight from the horses mouth, but I remain reluctant to reveal my source. I am only prepared to admit that the good mare making the right noises, was a reliable source. My recent visit to a Zurich store, displayed a number of styles resembling the iconic Coco jacket, in beautiful boucles ranging from classic pastels to neon yellow, most of which were flying of the shelves with the cues being as long as ever. Needless to say, I could not leave without at least investing in one such a piece, and with a bit of luck battling my way through the swarms of women having the same thing in mind, I managed to find one in my size!

Keeping the opening date under wraps, it obviously ads to the hype, not that Zara needs it, right? However, in a ever increasing competing market, and having to rub shoulders with other high street brands that may soon see the light of the fashion conscious South African market, their strategies are understood.

Viva la Zara!

Ciao Bellas

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  1. Uh oh, better save your money until then because I have a feeling you will be spending so much money once it opens! :) I buy way too much there!

    xo Jenny