Thursday 2 August 2012


It's been a while since the clutch bag has been seen as a fashion item, and now it seems as if it is here to stay for much longer than anticipated! I bought this little enbroidered clutch ( overgrown clutch I would say) a few years ago in a remote village on the Indonesian island of Batam, where rural women sold handmade items to sustain themselves. I carefully stashed it away in a dust cover, waiting for the right occassion to unveil this beautiful piece.

Never did I imagine it to receive so much attention. I was rather thrilled when it was the subject of a few style and trend spotters at the recent Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week! It goes to show, some pieces and key items have the ability to manifest itself into your collection and to revive itself from time to time. Keep on to those timeless pieces girls, just re-arrange your wardrobe from time to time, but don't always discard what's in the archive!
Jacket from Zara

Happy shopping for the collectibles!

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