Thursday 15 November 2012


Winter shopping list.....

Occasionally, I return to the favourites and revisit colours that featured in the 80's. Much to my delight, fashion repeats itself from time to time!  ( Yes, I've been around the block!). With a career that demands Black almost to be worn like a uniform, and lawyers being strongly associated with it, it is extremely exciting to venture down the colour wheel and slide into the warmer winter shades.  It follows naturally that come weekends or after hours, I head directly  towards the brights, and move away from the rigidity of all Black, creating something more dramatic without being to serious. Burgundy is seen in different tones this year, my favourite being the one leaning towards berries. Whether it is Plum, Merlot, Cabernet, Ruby or just Burgundy, a berry flavour will ad some spice to your winter wardrobe. Isn't this one of the most beautiful biker jackets? I tend to look for less masculine lines adding some femininity to the look, and this one fits perfectly........

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  1. Nicolene, such a great mixture of different styles. Jacquares is such a elegant yet rich texture for the winter, love it :-)