Monday 19 November 2012


I cannot quite decide if we are one season behind,or one season ahead, but considering the fact that most notable fashion and trends are born in Europe, I am prepared to concede that we are in fact, one season behind. The advantage of living in the Southern hemisphere is that travelling North, allows you a glimpse of things to come, well in advance that is! This enables me to always shop for items that are on trend long before it arrives in our stores. My last trip to Zurich, Switzerland, revealed a variety of colour for summer, and as Europe has already moved into Winter since then, this is exactly what we are wearing now. I took these snapshots from window fronts in Zurich, showing a multitude of colour for summer, which is exactly why my rainbow now extends beyond Black this summer!

Fashion dejavou that is!
Hot combination, Fuchsia Pink and Orange....Hello Summer!
Coral, so vibrant!
Look at the nautical accents, Navy Blue and White

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  1. Oh good to know! I'm loving that red blazer. I going to Europe in a few months so I'll definitely have to check into what's coming to North America!