Tuesday 13 November 2012


If you have any interest in fashion and style, and if you enjoyed dressing up as a little girl already, with a stubbornness when your mother wanted  to make you wear things you did not like, you are likely to have played around with cut out paper dolls. And so my love affair for beautiful clothes began..... I collected hundreds of outfits for paper dolls, and spent hours playing around, dressing them up. Now you can imagine how much fun I had as a grown up women having discovered that I could have a real time closet in no time, mixing and matching in H & M's on line wardrobe, paper dolls in e-format!

So if you are in two minds about how things will look together, log on to H & M and play around with various items until you achieve the desired look, voila!
This function allows you to assemble outfits from the entire season's collection, getting a real life picture in front of you! The outfit to the left was put together with my love of animal print in mind.

The collage below was found on H & M's lookbook. Inspiring how the stylist mixed different textures, sequins and different prints. Just have'nt gotten use to the idea of trainers or sneakers worn as shoes, in spite of the wedge heel. Off to H & M we go.......

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  1. Ha ha, I never really played with paper dolls, but I had a million Barbies! I agree, I LOVE H&M's website. It's so much fun!

    xo Jenny