Monday 4 March 2013


With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, Alexander Wang created a magnificent collection for Balenciaga who pulled a class act with a unique show, the beauty of which lingers long after the show is over. I was in awe when I came across these beautiful pics, shown at Fashion Week recently. The theatrical look of Balenciaga's textiles takes it to another level... I see rounded shoulders slowly finding their way back onto the scene. The concept is particularly flattering for those of us with narrow shoulders, as it gives you instant volume in the upper body, and no doubt taking emphasis from hips away, so a special word of welcome on behalf of the pear shapes. Remember the 80's when our shoulder pads made us look like football players? The current trend seems to be a lesser version and far more on the feminine side of things.
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  1. I adore that jacket in the second picture. Unlike the last several seasons of Balenciaga, these look much more *wearable* for real women.

  2. great collection!