Wednesday 13 March 2013


There is always humour to be found in idioms. As you may well know I am a lawyer by occupation, and when we hold court, it has a different meaning to the expression, "holding court" as known by royalty. When you are not appropriately dressed for court, the judge would perhaps say "I cannot see you". So it follows that if you are a person of vast girth, it would seem as a compliment. When royalty refers to "holding court" it has an entirely different meaning, and I quote from, hopefully filling your day with a smile:
"hold court (humorous)
to get a lot of attention from a group of people by talking in a way that is entertaining, especially on social occasions
Usage notes: In the past, a king or queen held court when they talked to the people who gave them advice."
It brings me to style, when I dress for court, it has to be rather quite, demure and in Black and White. Hence the many Black suits and White shirts in my wardrobe. Being occupied by court this week, it doesn't leave much hope for styling inspirational outfits, although I can imagine wearing Black and White in many different ways, it might still not be considered "court attire" as can be seen below, obtained from , beautiful outfits or not?

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