Sunday 24 March 2013


It's hard to imagine shopping for spring clothes if we are on the verge of winter, unpacking winter woollies and boots. When leaves start to fall, vineyards turn rusty red, the sky turns grey, temperature drops, and the morning air becomes crisp, I would much rather slip into something heavier, cuddling up. However, the advantage of the rest of the world unveiling their summer gear, is that we get to have the pleasure of shopping for a season ahead! No need to even leave the office, unless of course you are headed to the Northern hemisphere soon, allowing ample opportunity to stock up on next summer's trends! On line shopping has made it so easy to stay ahead of trends, leaving you proper chance to view what next season brings..... cannot wait to get to H & M for this beautiful Red attire! On line shopping also has it's pitfalls, but that's a subject for another day! But since they do not deliver in South Africa, I would have to get there soon.....


  1. Great post sweety!

    Thank you for comming by,


  2. Love the red! I know half the world is entering winter but I've had enough and can't wait for warm weather!