Friday 15 March 2013


Travelling light is a concept I learnt the hard way, especially if you continuously have to bear the crunch of outrageous charges on excess luggage. This brings me to how to pack when travelling abroad. The best advice ever received is to roll each item carefully and fill every space in your bag, not allowing any gaps. Fill the vacuums on the sides with smaller items like socks, tights and underwear. Plan your wardrobe carefully by laying out the outfits in full view, swap items around and create multiple outfits by simply mixing and matching. For mid season, I always travel with at least one pair of Black pants, jeans, and perhaps light weight Chinos that can be worn with a trench. A Breton top is a staple item, since it can create an instant preppy look, or if you are cruising, a very trendy nautical look! I go nowhere without a crisp White button up shirt and flat Ballerina pumps that can easily be matched with most other items. I take shoes in different styles, flat ones for walking and exploring, more sophisticated ones for evenings and nights out perhaps to a theatre or less casual dining establishments, and a pair of boots for sudden bursts of cold weather, and perhaps, a pair of loafers in a classic style. I have also learnt to listen to my dear mother, and accordingly never travel without something warm, not even in summer, unless of course you are headed East to the tropics where the temperature never drops below 25 Celsius  even in winter, like Cambodia or Thailand perhaps!  The outfit below allows me with a few options to re-mix and wear each of these items in the ensemble at least twice again with just three pairs of pants.  My next destination is Europe in mid season, hence at least two jackets and long sleeves, more likely to be needed than summery dresses! In any event, one must not exclude the option of perhaps having to go shopping if your clothes are to warm. The clutch is not very practical for travelling, but this trip requires this particular item for a special occasion! The two tone shoes can take me any where after sunset.....voila!
P U Jacket - Queenspark (old)
Shoes - Next
Polka Dot Button Up - Cotton On
Pants - Trenery
Clutch Bag - Zara
Neck Piece - Sass Diva
Bracelett - Hermes


  1. Cool outfit, love the jacket!



    Ps: Samen met mijn beste vriendin ben ik een renblog begonnen:

  2. such a nice outfit *_* your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3 keep in touch!


  3. This is a very stylish outfit!
    I just returned from Italy and saw a lot of yellow in the shops - from dresses to handbags.

    It's wise to pack an extra sweater or cardigan for travelling in Europe.
    Just started snowing again... :-(

    Lady of Style

    1. Thank you Anette for the good advice, will pack accordingly! Nice to know one of my favourite colours is still seen around for a while! :):)

  4. What wonderful advice for packing!

    I, too, struggle with the concept of traveling light. I can remember a trip to England in the early 80's to visit family. This must have been in the days before weight limits because my suitcase was big enough to haul around a dead body. Which I wasn't, of course. It was all clothes. My cousin, who was a strapping 6'5" couldn't carry that suitcase more than a few steps and then he would have to put it down.

    The only reason I've gotten better is because I can't afford to pay the excess baggage fees!

  5. You need to get this published in a travel magazine. So many of us, as women, tend to struggle with the traveling light concept. I'm getting a lot better but its taken years to do so and many travel miles to accomplish this task. You made it seem so simple and yet totally complete with fashion and sensibility all tied together. I'm now going to stick this article in my suitcase. A trip to Europe sounds absolutely wonderful. Hopefully you'll share bits and pieces with us. So glas I found your blog, and thanks for dropping by mine.

  6. Thank you girls for your comments and support, I will be featuring another post on packing light soon!