Tuesday 3 September 2013


Being a girl of a certain age, it doesn't mean you have to put your wardrobe into retirement. Although some of us may sometimes feel as if we've become invisible, we still deserve to be respected. We ought to uplift our spirits with positive thoughts by grooming ourselves to feel good. Nothing recharges the mind as quickly as a bright colour, and if you suffer mental stress the colour Turquoise gives you an instant lift, invigorating and calming the senses. It helps to create balance in emotions and brings calmness to the mind, so why no embark on a colourful expedition into your wardrobe, putting your closet on Botox?
Read more on the psychology of colour on the following website:
Variations of the Colour Turquoise
Aqua: Closer to green than blue, aqua is refreshing and uplifting. It is creative and light-hearted, yet strong and individual.
Aquamarine: Enhancing creativity and inspiration, the color aquamarine calms and balances the mind and the emotions.
Teal: A more sophisticated version of turquoise, teal signifies trustworthiness and reliability. It promotes spiritual advancement and commitment.
Trench Coat - Trenery
Skirt - Belle Epoque
Boots - Graziana
Turquoise Neck Piece - Siem Reap Craft Market


  1. Very elegant and i love your coat! Kisses dear.

  2. You look so chic! Great to meet you at fashion week.
    Keep well.

    1. Thanks Nicole, likewise, and nice to be able to connect a face to your lovely blog!

  3. Mature women are not invisible, in contrast, are the most beautiful expression of elegance, because they know their weaknesses and have learned to use them in your favor, using those looks that make them attractive people without having to play dress up. I love the turquoise, in addition, as a detail of color in the most stylish outfits. Your scarf, your collar and your stockings are beautiful. A very nice look.

  4. Yes, please ... turquoise and mixed neutrals !!! These shades have warm and cool bases, both, and applaud the real creativity in pulling them into a winter wardrobe so handsomely!
    Beautiful as always. Such a treat to see.

  5. I couln't agree more, I have just received an anonymous comment saying that I should wear a burqa!
    I love the mixing of colors and leo print!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. You look fantastic! I just love your accessories.

  7. Love your blog. You are right, as we are getting older, it doesnt mean we should stop wearing certain colors. You look great in torqouise :)

  8. Such a pretty coat. I agree with you completely, mature women are beautiful and wearing clothing that is pleasing helps the mood. The turquoise is a lovely color for you. It accents your hair tone beautifully. Love the leopard skirt!

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Love the kitten heeled boots, I need a pair like this for the upcoming winter! x