Monday 2 September 2013


There is something remarkably energetic about the colour Yellow, from Mustard shades to luminous citrus, and Canary to Neon. I always shied away from the Canary shades since it is known to render pale complexion looking a little washed out. However, the ray of sunshine instantly draws attention and although not exactly featuring on my list of favourites for shoes, I'm beginning to grow on this vibrant colour. There were a number of shades seen at the recent Cape Town Fashion week, from the runway to the sidewalk, with turbans to shoes, and skirts to body hugging dresses. Some were kitted out in shades bright enough to warrant sunglasses. Some of the shades were gravitating towards the Mustard Yellows which I found rather attractive, especially if it's worn with winter textures, giving it a warm feeling. Many of the designers exhibited a hint of Yellow, but it was David Tlale who stole the show with his men's collection as seen below, bringing something tender to the boys......Yellow is perceived to be the colour of creative thought, so if you're experiencing creative block, change your surroundings to Yellow! The full skirt made a dramatic entry, as can be seen below in the photograph with the Mustard print by Loincloth and Ashes, who made this skirt available on the website. No need to mention, it flew of the shelves! The knee length coat at the bottom is from Zara, following in the footprints of a recent collection by Louis Vuitton, presenting subtle and soft pastel Yellow squares, looking particularly good worn with Black. The photographer second from below wearing a citrus Yellow pair of pants, is Clouds Drummond, a blogger from Cape Town.



  1. Yellow is such a vibrant and powerful color ! Love the street style recap of your Fashion Week Nicolene ! Have a happy Monday

    XX Luba

  2. I love yellow and your selection of street style is really inspiring Nicolene!!!
    Have a lovely september my dear!

  3. We saw yellow here in the US a lot this summer especially in accessories. I do like it and it's fun to see the variety of options.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Tough color to wear well, but so many shades that there really is something for every complexion. Trick is to be able to find it!
    Great photos ... and so much appreciated.