Friday 27 September 2013


One of my favourite past times being at an event like Fashion Week, is watching show goers or passers by. It can be both enlightening and frightening to see how fashion is interpreted, particularly having regard to the fact that Milan is considered to be the birthplace of fashion. What struck me in particular were the absence of to many accessories, much like the French women are known for. A lot of monochrome was seen, and the level of shoes varied from flat ballerina pumps to stratospheric heights, with women performing balancing acts on cobble stones. I find it quite nerve racking that many women who spend more money on a pair of shoes than on a month's groceries, would embark on a mission  walking over cobblestones and metal grids, destroying those dainty heels with one misstep.
Unfortunately, I also inadvertently slipped my petite little J Renee heels into a grid and nearly fell over face first,  but thanks to the kind Italian who held me up preserving my grace, I was saved from the embarrassment.  While walking along, observing everything else but the pavement, I found myself firmly entrenched in the flood grid having my heels fixed between the bars. Much to my horror, my shoes were ruined. However, it does not deter me from wearing great looking shoes with high heels, nor does it mean I cannot enjoy anybody else prancing around in these life threatening objects! These photographs obviously don't represent the whole gamut of style, as my personal preference is the primary consideration when taking street style pictures. I have also made a conscious decision not to photograph anything that is remotely associated with a circus or horror film theme party as some attendees seem to think of Fashion week as a platform to enable to them to elevate their ridiculous outfits to the status of fashion.   



  1. I imagine watching street style is indeed the most interesting part of a FW. My daughter just told me lots about London FW.
    But I am with you, I rather look out for stylish than ridiculously dressed people just for the fact of being noticed!

    I just spent a fortune on repair and makeover of 3 pairs of boots and booties today...

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. I love pics from street style, always a great source of inspiration!!!!!
    Amazing selection doll!

  3. Hi Nicole! It was great to meet you in Milan! Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the photos. You have incorporated terrific fashion tips for all ages! I look forward to reading of your posts! You can find me at U2rChic on Twitter, FB or at blogspot. Lets stay in touch! All the best, Cheri