Sunday 15 September 2013


Packing for an event like fashion week can pose as quite a challenge, especially having regard to the fact that one has weight restrictions on aircrafts! Besides, a girl has to have a pair of shoes for each outfit..... The only option is to consider outfits of which the accessories can perhaps be restyled, or bottoms and tops mixed up in a "mix and match" combination. Then you have to reckon with the shopping opportunities abroad, requiring us to leave some space for the unexpected object wanting to travel back home with you! The best advice ever received was to fold up each item and then rolling it into a sausage, carefully wrapping it in tissue paper, filling each and every cavity that your suitcase might have. It's surprising how much more you can pack if you follow this simple advice. The weather also poses a problem as one cannot always rely on the absolute accuracy of forecasts. My solution to this problem, is to always pack one jacket or coat that shelters against the cold and that matches up with every outfit, allowing you more creativity. Colourful tights also come in handy to allow for sudden cold weather. On that note, I am zipping up my suitcase, hope to see you girls soon with a bucket load of pictures taken from street style and attendees in Milan, the sidewalk sometimes being more interesting and inspiring than the runway! Off to the birthplace of fashion.....




  1. Oh have fun! It will be so wonderful to see the shows! Can't wait to see pics! I would have such a hard time packing! It would take me a month to prepare! LOL!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  2. Nicolene, how exciting. I cant wait to see all the Pictures you take from the People Walking aorund (probably more interesting than the fasion Shows itself) and of course of your Looks.

    Have a blast!


  3. MILANNNNN!!! You're going to MILAN! Oh, good for you. Know you'll be gorgeous all the way, and I'm so looking forward to what you share with us! If it can't be me, then it definitely should be you.
    Have a wonderful, safe time!