Tuesday 1 October 2013


Saving the best for last has definitely not been a cliche in this instance, as Milan Fashion Week drew to the close on a note leaving us all in awe. One of the highlights has been the Giorgio Armani Show that took place on Monday morning. The crowds filled the streets to the brim, all hoping to get a glimpse of the well heeled, snapping away at famous fashion editors and front row regulars. With bloggers giving just about the same amount of publicity to the event as fashion editors of the glossy magazines, this new phenomenon sure is a force to reckon with. What drew my attention when a certain Ms Wintour walked passed me, was her distinct flair for classic cuts, wearing a sophisticated Boucle suit she made quite an entrance!
The recognition given to this new breed of media members should not be under estimated, as flashes lit up the shade caused by the tree lined street, capturing the whose who, clearly un phased by the photographers. It almost appeared as if some of them planned their strategy in anticipation of the paparazzi firing away at them, with some parading the mile up and down much like a horse being let cold. It doesn't render the street scene any less exciting, as bloggers were rubbing shoulders with the so called celebs of fashion glossies getting a live view of how fashion is interpreted by show goers and major role players in the industry. Seeing elegant women arriving on a bicycle is rather refreshing, clearly style doesn't always come with a price tag.....and their mode of transport looking perfectly comfortable amongst the luxurious textures of a certain desirable brand's boucle worn by well known fashion editors.....This is the most fun I had aiming and shooting at people, using only a Canon....

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  1. Hi Nicolene, thanks for sharing your amazing fashion week experience with us, I can't imagine how thrilling it must have been to be there! The street style ensembles are so vivid and chic, always an inspiration! I appreciate you stopping by and lending me your views :)

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    1. Thank you, yes, I took the pictures, my other hobby!
      A street style photographer in training!