Wednesday 2 October 2013


No visit to a country like Italy is complete without at least seeing one historical city or village, allowing yourself to indulge in all things nice and delectable,  taking proper advantage of the fact that the concept of slow food originates from Lombardy. A trip to the upper city of Bergamo, or Citta Alta, is an absolute must, not only for the culinary delights, but also for it's tranquillity and panoramic scenery. Situated high up on  a hill, the old city can easily be reached by way of train from Milan, and then onwards by bus, dropping you off virtually on the doorstep of the magnificent walled city, perched high up on the hill. For the brave, you could stand in the cue to take the funicular that moves at a snail speed, or hop onto  a Vespa scooter, and drive up the hill, saving your feet for later...... 

I couldn't resist digging into the traditional Polenta and Osso Bucco dishes, a sinfully delicious meal served at most of the many local restaurants.  Time is of no essence here, and nobody seems rushed to do anything, with most inhabitants lingering at local bistros and restaurants, sipping on Chianti while doing some serious people watching. After considerable effort to locate all the venues for the different shows during fashion week, this was a good place to spend a Sunday afternoon, meandering the cobblestone streets, kicking up your heels-what a relief after 5 days on stilettos! My choice of outfit for the day was something that could take me from the sophisticated streets of Milan to the unpretentious cobblestones of Bergamo, and with a change of shoes, I was rather comfortable in my geometric print, ready to kick start the Vespa.
Top - Belle Epoque
Pants - H & M
Shoes - J Renee
Flat Pumps - Parfois
Handbag - Chanel 2.55
Sunglasses - Ray Bans
Earrings -Miglio



  1. Definitely love your style!!!!!!
    Amazing combo and great accessories!!!!!

  2. Oh dear Nicolene, I am so glade to know that you great time in Italy, it is amazing country and every time I have a chance to pay a visit I do not hesitate a second! Gorgeous pictures and very stylish look !

    XX Luba

  3. I love this look, is sophisticated and beautiful. The print of the blouse and pants is gorgeous. I like brown glasses.

  4. Stylish, classy, fabulous, Nicolene! Your photo on the vespa is great :-)
    Luckily I only live a 5hrs drive from Milan and Venice. Love Northern Italy.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. Love your blouse.


    1. Loving this black and white monochrome, it´s very elegant.