Monday 28 October 2013


There are things in life that we take for granted, like a beautiful face, a toned body, and good posture, but have you ever given any thought to what defines beauty, or what causes women to turn heads? To my mind, being beautiful isn't being born with a beautiful face, but the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, and the way you groom yourself. Some women sees dressing up and grooming as being frivolous, some go overboard and needs to be "made under" as opposed to being "made over". Whatever it is that distinguishes you  from the crowd, it has to do with owning the look and caring about your appearance.  Taking care of yourself gives a women confidence, and a little acknowledgement or flattery, takes most women to the next level of walking tall. My initial idea of taking pictures of the fashion editors and other unknown faces during Milan Fashion Week, was to capture expression, but when I started studying the photos, I realised that all of these women were groomed in a different way, and they all exuded a considerable measure of confidence. Some didn't wear any jewellery, others no lipstick or any make up at all, another group had sharp haircuts sporting a glow that portraits the look of health and good maintenance. Each of these women were immaculately groomed, and the absence of make up or jewellery did not distract from their beauty or attraction as their ensembles were so carefully selected, walking with such great posture, that it once again reminded me that confidence weighs just as much as the bank balance that fits the bill for the designer labels they were sporting, and that one could still achieve the same level of awareness without a high price tag. A clever way of tying your hair, adding special detail with accessories, wearing clothes that are designed with architectural precision, nails painted to perfection and having the perfect manicure, having a sharp haircut,  the shape of the eye brows, the  addition of earrings, it's all in the detail, and all it takes, is walking tall.




  1. I fully agree with you, we should always be aware of that!

  2. It always seems to me that women who are photographed at these events by the press are either tall, slim and beautiful ( at least handsome) or very famous or very powerful. I have such a hard time finding streey style photos of women of my age, like me ... short, square and not expensively dressed. Ari Seth Cohen's ladies at "Advanced Style" are exemplary, but I'm not quite there yet, nor does my taste run to that degree of bright individuality. Walking tall is quite right, but it will never result in more than good posture for me! Role models for my age and shape are few and far between ... I can't think of anyone offhand that I'd care to emulate.
    But since I've always been small, I've always just accepted that I would never have that kind of stature. Since it's not possible, there's no pressure, and that allows a kind of confidence. ( It would still be nice to see someone of my years and with my size and shape shown as an example.) Self acceptance and self assurance is everything!

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for taking the time to comment, and so constructively! I agree, it's difficult to find women in our age group who inspire. Fortunately we have each other as fellow bloggers!

    2. And you are clearly one of them ... a little on the tall, statuesque , lovely side, but we shorties love you anyway.

  3. (Self acceptance and self assurance ARE everything. ARE!!! And I meant steet style, not STREEY. Wow. Command of my own language has to be in there somewhere.)

  4. I always thought that bloggers have become so popular because they portray a different image to the common Model - not only in their early twenties and size 0 but showing what fashion looks like on ordinary people. Still many bloggers are exactly like models- very young and skinny. But as your rightly say, we have each other for inspiration :-)
    PS: I don't understand the hype about Anna della Russo - she's the most tasteless person I've ever come across!